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Improving Customer Service Digitally – A Case Study

Digital systems are critical in business today. We use them to drive sales, manage stock, manage projects, track customer data and a vast array of other functions.

It’s common knowledge that having your website on page 1 of Google for your main keywords will result in more sales. But whatever you spend on SEO, advertising or social strategies to drive traffic to your site, it’s a waste of money if you can’t efficiently manage the leads.

Sales response times are critical now more than ever. People shop for products and services on Google and if you can’t respond to an enquiry quickly, your prospect will simply move on to the next business on the list.

National carpet cleaning franchise, Elite, realised that this year. Their response time to an enquiry was about 4 hours. In the past, this would have been acceptable and even the norm, but customer expectations have changed and Elite had to change their approach to sales or they’d be left behind.

Elite Reduced 4 hours to 4 Minutes

With combination of technologies

  1. A quality lead capture on their website as the primary call to action
  2. An efficient customer tracking and management system (CRM) that allows Elite to store and analyse customer data and market to them intelligently. We chose Infusionsoft CRM.
  3. SMS notifications to the carpet cleaners on the job
  4. An iPhone app that allows the carpet cleaner in the local area to send a quote on the spot in a uniformly branded and professionally formatted document.

Elite noticed a massive spike in activity only weeks after rolling out the new system. Not only are they now landing more sales, but their efficiency is also becoming a marketing angle and word is spreading fast. After all, who wouldn’t want to deal with an efficient company?

The longer-term strategy to maintain these clients and educate them about the other services is managed through their CRM. Infusionsoft is an intelligent, customizable CRM that enables businesses to market to their customers based on location, previous services, nature of enquiry and a variety of other key factors. These factors can be used to create custom funnels and tailored marketing – digital or otherwise.

A quality CRM should be the heart of a business. Analysing and using valuable customer data is the only way to improve your products, services and delivery. In many cases the customer data IS the value in a business.

So, critical web systems should include

  1. Lead generation (website and marketing)
  2. Customer data (CRM)
  3. Delivery (Project management, stock management, finances, customer service)

Web Technology Improving Business – 3 More Quick Examples

Taxi services have been incredibly innovative with their automated ordering service. The system detects your phone number or mobile location and routes the request to the nearest driver. The savings are enormous, not only in admin time and error reduction, but actual cab routes are far more efficient and response times reduced significantly.

Dominos Pizza has a fantastic ordering system that allows you to order any pizza off the menu or even invent your own and pay online. The system then tells you exactly when to pick it up or expect delivery. Each stage of the pizza making process is updated live on the web. Admin costs are low, error responsibility is more in the hands of the customer and customer satisfaction is vastly increased because they are included in the whole process.

Parcel Delivery and logistics has always required a lot of technology to deal with the complex logistics of transporting millions of packages around the world. The one seemingly small piece of technology that has improved customer satisfaction and greatly reduced phone enquiries is parcel tracking.

When ordering something from overseas via an online retailer, there is an enormous sense of apprehension about whether your package will actually arrive. Parcel tracking reduces the apprehension with a sense of control by providing live updates on the location and status of your package as it travels around the globe. You no longer have the urge to call the delivery service to ask where it is and they can get on with the job of delivering it as efficiently and cheaply as possible.

About the Author:

Chris Garrett is a director at KND Digital. For over 10 years his Brisbane based digital agency has been guiding businesses through the ever changing maze of online marketing and complex web systems. He turns the technical jargon into practical business solutions.

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