Expanding your business through franchising is a whole new ball game to running your own single operation. Replicating your systems, managing franchisees and upholding your brand are just a few aspects which can be tricky to navigate.

So why risk the stress and financial strain on trial and error when there are so many others who have gone through that process before you?

Having a mentor in business is a key way to fast tracking success. You will gain the insight and wisdom from someone who’s been there, understands what your going through and can offer sound advice based on their experience.

Franchising101 sees mentoring as a great vehicle for anyone starting out on their own franchising journey.

At the moment we’re collecting interest to get a Franchising Mentoring Program kicked off in 2014. If you think you might be interested in partaking in this process please have read of the brochure and send us your expression of interest in the form below!


Franchisor Mentoring Program Expression of Interest

If you’re interested in partaking in the Franchisor Mentoring Program as either a Mentor or Mentee, please fill out this form and let us know!